Some handy DIY hints to give your work that professional finish!

Some of Johns handy hints and tips to give your project that professional finish!

How to unblock a sink
A blocked sink can be unblocked using a number of methods, but the most effective way is to remove the trap from the bottom of the sink, and using an old wire coat hanger, or a drain auger to remove the blockage – after unblocking – re-do the compression joints on the traps.
How to prevent paint getting onto handles, locks, etc.
Prevent paint from getting onto handles, hinges, and locks by applying some Vaseline to them with a piece of tissue before you start painting. The paint won’t stick to the Vaseline!
How to prevent getting paint onto window glass
Masking paper can be a pain to get off and can easily leave marks which are worse than the paint would have been! Spend some time cutting newspaper into strips and damp each strip before using it as masking tape. The dampness will allow you to manoeuvre it into position and keep it stuck to the window long enough for you to paint your frame. It will just fall off easily afterwards!
How to revive hard paintbrushes
Hard brushes can be rejuvenated after a spell in hot vinegar, comb the bristles with a fork afterwards and keep in shape with an elastic band until dry.
How to prevent squeaky floorboards
Squeaky floorboards are caused by loose boards rubbing against nails or each other. SOLUTION: Sprinkle talcum powder, or flour if you must, around the board and sweep it into the cracks and a little extra on the nails. The powder will ease the friction between the boards and nails, hopefully eradicating the squeaking. Don’t vacuum but wipe away the excess with a damp cloth.
How to get a professional gloss paint finish
To get a gloss finish that looks really good, wait for the first coat to dry completely then use 600 grade wet and dry paper with water over the surface. Wipe off the excess with a kitchen towel. The next coat will look almost like gloss. Do this again for a third coat that will look like glass!

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